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Overdrive’s staff has over 26 years of karting experience, is factory trained and has participated in national and international competitions both as drivers and mechanics. We have the tooling, the equipment and the knowledge to assure that every job is done right – no job is too big for our technicians.

Engine Rebuilds

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At Overdrive Motorsoprts we specialize in rebuilding high performance racing engines. We have a healthy stock of engine parts and all of the specialized tooling necessary to deliver first-class engines and excellent turn-around time.

We rebuild the top end of these high-revving machines with the help of a Sunnen cylinder hone to deliver exacting tolerances. The entire engine is rebuilt in-house, including the crankshaft which we split, inspect, replace worn items, re-assemble and align with precise instruments. All of this work is done in a dedicated clean environment!

For the last 11 years we have only rebuilt karting engines – nothing else! Rotax Max, TAG and Shifter engines are among what we service. We are the official Southern Alberta Rotax Max service Center and Distributor with the resources to give you timely high performing rebuilds.

Dyno Testing

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We offer full engine dyno services for everybody’s needs – from the club level enthusiast all the way to the national level pro driver.

We start by breaking in your engine using the Superflow SF-902’s water brake to apply the correct load to break in the piston and ring then move to optimize the performance of the engine. The dyno measures many variables such as exhaust gas temperature, water temperature, fuel flow and weather and helps us set your baseline to get your engine race ready so you can show up and set fast laps right away.



We have the knowledge and the facilities to optimize your engine for peak performance – no matter what category you compete in.

Dyno sessions are available to suit your budget. From engine break-in to in depth development, give us a call!



Kart Maintenance

We maintain all brands of karts for all classes including Cadet, 4 cycle, Rotax Max and Shifter karts. Whether it’s an alignment or an axle change we have the experience it takes to make your kart handle at it’s best. Overdrive Motorsports also has Longacre scales to properly balance your kart package.

We also offer full maintenance programs! You can have us do all of your maintenance between each race.

Crewchief/Raceday Mechanic Programs

We offer our experience to work for you at any race we attend. If you are aiming to win the national championship in order to attend the Grand Finals or simply want a stress free club race, contact us today! We utilize our 26+ years of kart driving and tuning experience to put you to the front (driver coaching as well).